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By Shona on
I started seeing Fiona about 2 years ago due to back and shoulder problems from stress. Fiona is brilliant - I literally come out my appointment like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. She is personable and professional and is a credit to her profession. To any one who is scrolling through websites looking for an Osteopath, I would highly recommend Fiona.
By Ian - Charity Worker and Landscape Photographer on
My lower back has been painful for many years. Flexibility and mobility has reduced and impacted on both work and leisure time. I visited Fiona to help me continue to be as active as possible, (allowing me to continue my gardening, DIY and landscape photography) increase my flexibility, and to reduce pain in my lower back. After several visits my back is improving, pain reduced and I'm more able than before to continue with my chosen activities. If you are in pain, have back or muscle problems and enjoy talking about your favourite holiday book while having while joint articulation and manipulation are applied therapeutically then get along to Fiona as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Fiona's professional approach.
By Maggie MacKinnon on
From the very first appointment, I knew I had made the right choice. I had relief from shoulder pain which I had not had for years. Fiona has really helped to alleviate my pain and my shoulder is much more functional now. I do not need to see her now as often but know I can get an appointment quickly when I feel I need it. The 30 minute treatment sessions are completely hands on and I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone and have referred many colleagues and friends her direction who would also rate her.
By Colin Waterson on
After two treatments my tinnitus was greatly finished, after four it was gone completely and hasn’t returned. I also gained freedom in my neck and shoulders that I’d fogotten was possible. After working as a contemporary dancer for 15 years and being treated for injury all over the world, by various fabulous practitioners in many different disciplines, I can honestly say that Fiona is the most effective I’ve ever come across.
By Graeme Bell on
I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona She is totally professional and has made a massive difference to my flexibility and well being She has excellent interpersonal skills and puts you immediately at ease If you are looking for an osteopath, go to Fiona

"Fiona was recommended to me by a friend last autumn (2011) at a time when I was suffering from iliotibial band syndrome. Being a keen fell-runner, and used to being out in the hills on a daily basis, 6 weeks of doing nothing had resulted in me feeling both miserable and highly frustrated. Fiona was fantastic in all respects; a series of weekly treatments combined with home exercises had me running again within a month, and racing within two. Furthermore, her obvious interest and concern at a personal level were refreshing and comforting. I continued to visit Fiona for minor problems over the months that followed. When I tore my articular cartilage in a race this spring, Fiona went out of her way to arrange an orthopaedic referral for further evaluation, for which I am most grateful. With her help, I am running and racing in the hills again, and have been fortunate enough to win two British and English Championship fell races this year."
Jasmin, Vet and fell runner

"I have suffered lower back pain and hip pain for several months and had tried physio with limited success before I went to see Fiona. After only one session with Fiona I noticed an enormous difference; my pain and stiffness were greatly reduced and immediately I felt more flexible. Fiona takes the time to get to know you as an individual and for the first time - I felt someone had really got to the root of my back problem. As a result, I then understood how to help myself between osteopathy sessions and could feel the exercises Fiona gave me to do also made a difference. After a few osteopathic sessions I was glad to be back running again and did a PB 10K time! Fiona has a lovely relaxed manner which puts you at ease and and is extremely thorough and knowledgeable which inspires trust and confidence in her."
Mandy, Primary School Teacher and runner

"As a keen fell runner, avoiding injury is a priority. I started seeing Fiona in 2010 following a lower back injury. From the start, Fiona’s approach combining osteopathic treatment, with deep muscular massage, has been successful, and highlights the importance of treating both the skeletal and muscular structure of your body as one, to avoid injuries. Since recovering from my back injury in 2010, I have maintained regular treatment with Fiona, which has proved invaluable in helping ensure any muscular imbalances or joint inflexibilities from running, can be acted upon before they lead to injuries. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Fiona, and have done so to many friends who have also had successful treatment programmes with Fiona – she is an excellent, thorough and rigorous practitioner, who works with you, to ensure long-term recovery."

Helen, Hydrogeologist and fell runner

"My work involves a lot of heavy lifting and carrying and as a result I have developed lots of tension and posture problems over the years. Fiona has been treating me since September 2011 and as a result I have not had a headache for months (was a daily event) and my posture has improved greatly. I still have a bit to go but have gone from weekly treatments to once a month and I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona, she is professional and friendly and I have passed her info onto patients when appropriate."
Jan, Paramedic

"Last year I developed a very painful problem with one of my feet following some bruising. This got to the point where I could barely walk on it for months on end, and the GP I saw had no idea what was wrong. I limped in very slowly to see Fiona, and I walked out almost normally after one session where she worked on loosening up the tendons. After only a few more sessions and some work on my part, this was completely back to normal. It felt like a miracle cure after being unable to walk properly for so long.
I work on research into tendon injuries in animals. I can testify that these tissues are often more responsive to manipulation and/or proper exercises, than any drug or or more invasive measure. No-one has anything to lose by making a visit to an osteopath and doing that as soon as possible after injury, rather than leaving it as long as I did!. Fiona comes with my highest recommendation."
Janet, Veterinary Pathologist

"Can't say enough about Fiona - Sound knowledge and experience and puts you at ease!"
Oi-San, HR Manager and runner

"I started having osteopathy sessions with Fiona about seven months ago due to muscular and joint tension. This provided invaluable to me as being a classical singer I need to use the whole of my body and keep it as supple as possible. I highly recommend Fiona's technique to everyone."
Marion, Professional singer

"Problems with my left shoulder started during my textiles degree, and over time led to discomfort that began to interfere with my day-to-day life. Fiona really listened to the exact kind of pain I was experiencing, asking lots of questions and spending time investigating my range of movement before we started. The combination of massage, acupuncture and manipulation has been really successful for me and I'm confident that my sessions with her are continuing to improve this long standing problem."
Katie, Student

"I was treated by Fiona in 2011 during my pregnancy and she was able to treat both my lower back pain and pelvic dysfunction during this time. I have suffered from back pain for a number of years but with the extra pressure on my body during pregnancy it was vital to be treated regularly. Fiona is very personable and she takes an interest in you which makes it easy to trust her. She also saw my son after he was born and I did not hesitate to take him to be treated with cranial osteopathy given the positive treatment I had received from her myself. I'm not sure if it is a coincidence but he started sleeping throughout the night after he went to the clinic.
I would not hesitate to recommend her and have done already to numerous people. Fiona is a fantastic practitioner who clearly takes pride in her job."
Najette, HR Manager

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