Move your DNA: Restore your Health through Natural Movement (Katy Bowman)

Move Your DNA.jpg I’m not on commission but this book is the best if you’d like to find out more about how natural movement, ho we move (or don’t move as the case may be if we sit at a desk for 8 hours a day) and how we can improve our health and wellbeing not by ‘exercising’  in the gym but by incorporating movement into our daily lives. Katy is a an American Biomechanist who spent many years doing the gym bunny thing - personal training, doing triathlons and doing pretty intensive exercise. Over this time she realised that this intensive approach didn’t work well for her or her clients and so, after a lot of research, she transformed her approach towards encouraging natural movement.  As well as very providing accessible discussion about our bodies and how they move most effectively (particularly when walking), Katy presents the reader with a number of corrective exercises and provides helpful advice and resources if you’re interested in taking things further down the more radical route of barefoot (minimal shoe) movement, getting rid of all your furniture and even your bra! Don’t be put off, most of the book is truly inspiring and achievable without having to get rid of your sofa or buy minimal footwear.

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CLICK HERE to find out more about it from Katy’s website Nutritious Movement (which is well worth a browse too - especially the Podcast transcripts/blog articles

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