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Osteopathy and asthma

Asthma is a common and debilitating respiratory condition which can affect people of all ages. Sufferers experience difficulties…
August 1, 2012

Osteoporosis - the silent disease

Currently costing the NHS approximately £1.75 million per year and affecting 1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men over 50, osteoporosis…
August 1, 2012

Stress management and Osteopathy

We all get stressed at some, or many, points in our lives. Have a look at these 20 tips for managing stress when it hits: Be…
April 1, 2013


Fibromyalgia is a relatively common condition of unknown cause which affects middle aged women in particular and results in…
June 1, 2013

Hypermobility and Osteopathy

Hypermobility refers to the overmobility of the joints of the spine and usually affects other joints of the body. It can be…
June 1, 2013

Osteopathic treatment of the common cold

To get a full understanding of how osteopathy can help, we first need to look at what causes colds. The symptoms of colds are…
November 25, 2014

Stress and Osteopathy

Many of know what stress is and know that it is detrimental to our health. It raises blood pressure, weakens the immune system…
April 26, 2016

Repetitive Strain injuries

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) affects as many 1 worker in every 50 in the UK. Affecting the upper body mostly - the hands,…
March 22, 2017

Do I have joint hypermobility?

Joint hypermobility, or being ‘double jointed’, is when a person has a greater than normal range of movement in one or more…
September 6, 2019

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