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A lot of my patients run as part of their exercise regime, however they quickly sustain a running injury as they start off too hard or don’t know that there are ways to run well technique-wise. On that note, it’s funny how we’re taught how to play sports from cricket to swimming but we’re not taught how to run! 


A patient of mine recently put me on to Jae Gruenke.  Jae is a Feldenkraus practitioner, running technique expert (who has worked with a number of top Olympian runners) and founder of the Balanced Runner.  Have a look at the Balanced Runner website - - for top tips on running technique and also this you tube video where Jae discusses how to solve your running injuries and lots more:


In the meantime, if you’re struggling with a running injury, come in to Essential Osteopathy and get the treatment, exercises and advice that will (excuse the pun) get you up-and-running quickly. 



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