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Essential Osteopathy continues to be able to offer face to face appointments to all but the shielding/high risk groups through all restrictions as Osteopaths are exempt from closure (virtual appointments are available for those who can't attend in person).  Appropriate PPE, stringent cleaning and ventilation protocol and screening procedures are in place to keep both patients and practitioners safe whilst providing you with an effective and professional treatment.


To book, please email me or book online - select 'Book Appointment' here, the button below or in the top right hand corner.  


Face-to-face appointments 

Click on the blue titles below to find out more or go to the COVID changes tab:


- Treatment Changes and Costs - the changes to the virtual and face to face appointments which Fiona provides and the costs for these services


Clinic Changes - the main changes which are taking place to the booking procedure, the introduction of a brief Screening & Consent form prior to face to face appointments and the differences you'll find when you next visit the Clinic.  


Virtual appointments 


Virtual appointments will continue to be available for a while to come for those who can't attend a face-to-face appointment (click here to find out how to set up a virtual appointment).


Please also 'like' the Essential Osteopathy Facebook page or 'follow' its Instagram page to keep updated with the changes which are taking place in the clinic and the booking process. 


Based in the West End of Glasgow, Fiona McIntosh of Essential Osteopathy is dedicated to the highest standard of patient-care. She offers professional, effective, safe and reliable Osteopathic treatment for a great variety of bodily aches and pains including:


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Please click here (or click the logo in the circle top left of the video below) to view videos on the Essential Osteopathy YouTube channel introducing you to the clinic and giving advice on posture, exercises and stretches, workstation set up and information about Osteopathy.


This video from the Essential Osteopathy youTube channel explains what Osteopathy is and what a treatment involves:



Most of the musculo-skeletal problems treated by Fiona are explained in more detail on the conditions pages of this site (or by clicking on the relevant blue bolded words listed above). She has had a great deal of experience in providing Osteopathic treatment for people with acute and chronic problems from all walks of life and of all ages - from little babies to the elderly.


There is more information telling you what Osteopathy is and who regulates it together with a biography and testimonials of Fiona's work on the about pages.


Why not have a look at the treatments pages to find out more about what types of Osteopathic treatment modalities Fiona uses to treat your pain?  Osteopathic treatment is tailored to the individual patient and appropriately balances your needs and wishes using a combination of treatment modalities such as soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, joint articulation and manipulation, dry-needling (otherwise known as modern acupuncture) and/or cranial osteopathy.



Do contact Fiona on 0141 278 6063 or 07887 655007 or email if you have any questions or you require further information about Osteopathy.




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