About Essential Osteopathy 

Find out more about Essential Osteopathy in Glasgow, Fiona McIntosh and more generally about Osteopathy as a profession by clicking on the links below or the drop down menu above.  There is a lot of information on the about Osteopathy page regarding regulation of the profession, a little bit about the history of Osteopathy and information regarding the process involved in training to become an Osteopath.  You can also read the testimonials written by a number of patients with injuries and acute and chronic conditions ranging from back pain and pregnancy-related pain to sports injuries.  Please feel free to write your own testimonial to be included on the site (anonymous if you would prefer) - just complete the feedback form and let us know your thoughts whether they reflect the good or the bad aspects of the clinic.


Information about clinic location in Glasgow and the appropriate contact details for each clinic can also be found by following the relevant links above or clicking on the bolded text.  Fiona works 4 days a week split almost equally between the two clinics.  If you haven't been to either clinic before, you would be required to book in for an hour for the first consultation and treatment - so that a case history can be taken - with subsequent appointments usually taking 1/2 hour (some follow-up appointments can be 1 hour as appropriate).  

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