Osteopathy is a manual therapy which usually involves a combination of treatment modalities including soft or deep tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation and mobilisation, muscle energy techniques and, as appropriate, other treatments such a dry-needling (modern acupuncture) and Cranial Osteopathy. Each Osteopath treats slightly differently and has their own specialities dependent on their training, experience and particular interests.




Covid Clinic changes photo.jpgCOVID 19 CLINIC CHANGES 

Some of the Essential Osteopathy services below have changed to accommodate for Best Practice Recommendations and Government Guidelines.  Please be aware that I will be following strict guidelines, maintaining stringent cleaning protocols between each patient and wearing appropriate PPE so that you feel confident in safely benefiting from a face to face appointment.  Click here to view the full list of changes.


NB:  I am currently unable to treat anyone in the high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) group face to face but can treat the moderate risk group as long as they don't have any underlying health conditions - click here to view the NHS categorised risk groups


If you're unable to come in for a face to face (f2f) appointment, Fiona will continue to offer virtual appointments (£25) for both new patients and follow up/return patients.  See below for information on how to book a virtual appointment by email.  


Payment - Pre-payment for face to face appointments via the online booking system is requested if possible.  If necessary, you can pay using the contactless card machine when you attend.  No more cash payments please.  Virtual appointments will be paid for by BACS transfer (details provided in your summary email after the appointment).




Treatment services


Virtual appointments


Please see the Virtual appointments web page to find out more about what a virtual appointment entails, how it can help you and how you can set one up.  Click here...


Face to face (f2f) appointments 


Pre-screening (applies to all f2f appointments)


Once you have booked, you will receive an automated confirmation which includes a link to a brief Screening & Consent form (asking questions regarding your level of vulnerability and COVID status) which, as per Government Guidelines, you are obliged to complete.  You are required to submit this form as soon as possible after booking so that I have time to process it and contact you if necessary well in advance of your appointment. 


You will also be required to be aware of and accept the Essential Osteopathy Infection Risk Assessment and Mitigation Guide before you come in (click here to view). 


Having completed the Screening & Consent form and as per Government Guidelines, you are obliged to let me know if your COVID status changes before you come to the Clinic.  If you develop any COVID symptoms (stated in the Screening & Consent form you completed), come into contact with anyone with COVID symptoms or you or anyone in your household has returned from abroad in the last 14 days, you need to contact me and not attend your appointment. 



Initial consultation and treatment


  • Face to face - £58
  • (Virtual only - £25 (case history taken and advice given))


On arrival for your face to face appointment, you will be asked to come straight into the clinic room (the door will be open), you will be given a mask and your temperature will be taken.  After reviewing your COVID status again briefly, your case history will be taken (unless it's already been taken virtually), your posture and function will then be examined in various different positions – standing, sitting and/or lying down on the plinth. You may be asked to undress to your underwear for this part of the consultation (please bring shorts and/or sports bra to wear if you would feel more comfortable). 


Fiona will then discuss her findings and diagnosis with you and advise you of her suggested treatment plan before starting treatment. Treatments and treatment plans are always discussed with the patient beforehand to make sure that you remain informed and within your comfort zone.


Once the treatment plan has been agreed with you, Fiona will start treating you using a number of treatment modalities including a combination of gentle massage, stretching and joint articulation and mobilisation as appropriate. Mobilisation may involve the use of a technique called high velocity low amplitude thrust (HVT). The aim of this treatment is to improve range of movement in a joint and reduce muscular tension surrounding that joint. With the consent of the patient, dry-needling ('modern acupuncture') may also be used to release muscle tension by treating specific trigger points. This alleviates nerve tissue irritation by reducing the nerve impulse, or stimulating local blood supply where it may be naturally poor. Cranial Osteopathy may also be used as appropriate (click here for more information).


At the end of the treatment, advice will then be given on appropriate self-help treatments, posture, exercises and the application of heat or ice (as there can be some tenderness and aching after the treatment which is normal and can be expected to ease within 48 hours).


Follow-up 40 minute appointment


  • Face to face - £49
  • (Virtual - £25 (further advice and exercises given as appropriate))


On arrival for your face to face appointment, you will be asked to come straight into the clinic room (the door will be open), you will be given a mask and your temperature will be taken.


Fiona will get a brief update from you as to your symptoms and how you are progressing after which she will either continue treating as agreed in the initial appointment or, if it's a virtual consultation, she will give additional advice and exercises as appropriate. 


Combined Osteopathic 1 hour appointment 


Face to face - £68


In some cases, it is recommended that patients come back for one or more combined 1 hour long Osteopathic treatments - particularly when acupuncture and/or Cranial Osteopathy is combined with structural Osteopathic treatment.  NB:  This option will now only be available if absolutely necessary and on agreement with Fiona prior to booking.


On arrival for your face to face appointment, you will be asked to come straight into the clinic room (the door will be open), you will be given a mask and your temperature will be taken.


Do contact if you have any questions.


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