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Essential Osteopathy Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 44 reviews.

Paul Gibbs -
Sep 29th, 2023
As a mid-late 30’s male with back and leg issues migrating from Australia, I was a little nervous about finding a local Osteopath who could match the service I became familiar to. Using google as my guide, I found Fiona’s practice and booked a suitable session. From the first appointment all concerns were dispelled; her widespread knowledge, attention to detail, memory and ability to explain the most complex sounding things were impressive. Through her thoroughness I have found results which four previous doctors would not take the time to investigate – I could not be more thankful. I now have answers with a care plan and feel completed supported through her ongoing service. I recommend anyone seeking Osteopathic services should reach out to Fiona in the first instance. Thank you again Fiona.
S Young -
Sep 27th, 2023
I highly recommend Fiona's extremely professional and holistic approach.
She has the ability to give a clear diagnosis and explanation of symptoms and her advice and hands on treatment, using a variety of techniques, are tailored to treat the individual's requirements. I am confident in Fiona's sound judgement and her sympathetic and reassuring manner is very effective at putting patients at ease.
Sandra McInnes -
Oct 17th, 2022
Before treatment my son was constantly fussy and was only settled while feeding or sleeping, had colicky symptoms screaming for hours with nothing helping him, now after 3 treatments he’s a bubbly happy baby who likes to play. He will happily sit in his bouncer while i make dinner etc which I would never be able to do beforehand.

Fiona is amazing an has helped my son so much it’s amazing to see the difference in him after not being sure anything would help. Thank you so much
Laura Kelly -
Apr 21st, 2021
I went to Fiona with consistent shoulder pain and the improvement after just a few sessions was great. Treatment sessions with Fiona are very professional yet comfortable, and she communicates clearly what she is doing and why throughout the process. She also offered invaluable advice and practical tips, tools and stretches that could be used outside of appointments to ensure I can manage any pain effectively that might crop up in the future. If you’re suffering any form of back pain I would highly recommend booking in with Fiona.
Joanne -
Jan 7th, 2021
Fiona is fantastic, really knows her stuff! She listens to everything & gives you every bit of help she can, very thorough. After my second visit today I feel like a new woman. Wish I found her years ago. Would 100% recommend.
She has all the full PPE in place and her clinic is immaculate. Very high hygiene standard.
Thanks Fiona, see you in a few weeks x
Liz Robbins -
Dec 10th, 2020
Fiona offers an excellent service plus she also takes time to provide very appropriate advice .
Liaquet Aksi -
Dec 9th, 2020
I went to Fiona for a lower back pain issue which she worked on and was very thorough. I also left feeling revived and relaxed. I will be going back to get a regular general treatment as I feel the benefits and I'm energised after the session
nancy gilfedder -
Dec 9th, 2020
I have been attending Fiona now for some years on and off, and cannot recommend her highly enough . She is a true professional , but feels like a friend . No problem is too difficult to treat , and I have 100% confidence in her ability to do so . Fiona is A1
Margaret Dempsey -
Dec 9th, 2020
I would recommend Fiona to anyone she is a outstanding Osteopath your made to feel at ease from the minute you arrived she is so professional and polite I have had many treatments from Fiona for long standing shoulder neck and back pain during this terrible pandemic it was so safe with her following all the rules and wearing full PPE Thank you Fiona definitely give you plenty stars
Ashley Jackson -
Dec 9th, 2020
Fiona really helped my sciatica over the summer which had worsened following months of being slumped on a couch using a laptop. I was in a lot of pain and Fiona put me completely at ease. The clinic itself had COVID-19 safe measures fully in place and I felt very comfortable in her hands!
Kristy Thomas -
Oct 26th, 2020
Firstly, I would like to apologise to Fiona for taking so long to leave my review as we last saw her nearly 4 weeks ago. The chaos and joys of having 2 under two literally takes over.
Anyhow, I am still relieved to have found help for our little boy and would recommend Essential Osteopathy to anyone. Osian is 3 and half months old now; he was 9 weeks old when we first saw Fiona and I am so glad I followed my mothers instincts to find help; I knew something was wrong.
Osian was a very unsettled baby; he was always really fussy and would struggle terribly to feed and wind. He was a very grunty and groany baby in bed, or whenever he was asleep really, and was waking up countless times through the night. It would take ages to settle him down.
Osian was born via C section with forcep intervention and he had a double knot in his umbilical cord when he entered the world. These were all factors leading to his presentation and I had seen a few posts online about cranial osteopathy helping babies with the same kind of symptoms and decided to find someone to help. After finding Fiona's website, I saw another mama's review about how good cranial osteopathy had been for her baby and I booked Osian's first appointment straight away.
I am so glad I followed my mother's instincts in knowing Osian could be helped as he was like a different baby, even after his first session. We had 3 sessions in total and so far since our last session he has remained far more settled than he was. He has the odd occasion where he becomes unsettled however, he is much easier to settle back down. He feeds and winds much easier and he doesn't grunt and groan in his sleep half as much. We have even been able to get into a bit of a routine at bedtime whereby he goes to bed at 7pm when he seems to become naturally tired and ready to settle. He has a feed at 11pm when I go to bed and will then settle for 5 or 6 hours, sometimes longer. Generally, he's a far happier baby and in turn, I am far more settled knowing he's happier.
I am further happier as Fiona also treated my frozen shoulder. I had 2 treatments for bad aching and muscle tightness which had built up over years of repetitive strain. This, along with the exercises Fiona gave me has helped resolve the issue, and I haven't had any discomfort since.
Fiona is a lovely lady, friendly and approachable. Under under the current Covid-19 circumstances and restrictions I found her to be very professional and working within all the advice and guidelines. I would recommend Fiona and her healing hands to anyone. I also would not hesitate to book another appointment if I felt we needed another appointment.
Pamela -
Sep 29th, 2020
Fiona has successfully treated my son to relieve his migraines on a number of occasions. As we had used her services before I was more than happy to visit Fiona for myself, having been suffering from a frozen shoulder for a couple of months.
Fiona has thorough measures in place to ensure patients feel safe while attending an appointment during the Covid pandemic. On booking you are required to complete a form relating to Covid. Clear instructions are given for your arrival and the process during treatments. Appointments are well spaced to allow for cleaning, patients are required to wear a mask and must use the hand sanitiser on arrival, while Fiona herself is wearing PPE.
None of this changed the excellent service provided. Fiona is very professional, but friendly and has a calm approach. She explains everything thoroughly and makes sure you are comfortable during the treatment. I highly recommend her services as an osteopath.
Arianna Ranieri -
Jul 14th, 2020
Fiona is honestly the most dedicated osteopath, and is taking all the right steps to treat during COVID19 to provide incredibly helpful, safe, and positive treatment (as always). I had a successful appointment today. Aside from following all the health guidelines set out by the government, and using the proper PPE, she still makes sure you are feeling safe and comfortable, and it's the same quality treatment as before COVID19. It is not in the least bit scary, and after attending recently I could not be more grateful for her courage to treat and all the steps she has taken to ensure safety for all her patients and herself. When booking, you'll be required to fill out a form on COVID related info (are you at risk, do you have symptoms, etc.), it only takes 30 - 60 seconds and is required for booking an appointment in accordance with government guidelines. As per these guidelines, patients MUST wear a mask, and it does not prevent you from breathing normally by any means, even when lying face down. This is to protect you, her and anyone else you come into contact with. Naturally, it is also required for you to use hand sanitizer before and after the appointment. I could not be more appreciative of her treatment and her dedication to safety.

I highly recommend her, and I have been seeing Fiona for over a year now, she's always so friendly, supportive and kind, she has helped me recover from debilitating back pain that took me out of studies of conservatoire for two years. Without her treatment, I would not have been able to continue in my studies as a violist due to the physical nature of the career. Thanks, Fiona! :-)
Kuldip Dhesi -
Jul 7th, 2020
I have just attended my first appointment with Fiona at Essential Osteopathy.

When making the appointment there was some paperwork that I received which detailed the measures that had been put in place for safeguarding and mitigating against the risk of infection/Covid 19. I did initially find the literature to be a bit daunting but was fully reassured that all preventative measures that could be taken had indeed been put in place. The appointment whilst delivered wearing masks and the full range of PPE was very professional and not in anyway unpleasant or uncomfortable.

I have attended many Osteopaths over the years, if I had to rate Essential Osteopathy using a 10 point scale, I would have no hesitation in awarding the top score of 10 for a first class and professional service.

I'm already feeling the very positive benefits from the treatment I received. Many thanks.
Lesley McKendrick -
Feb 23rd, 2020
I have been going to Fiona for about 5 weeks & I cannot recommend her highly enough, Fiona is exceptional. I went to her as I was suffering from upper back & neck pain & getting headaches all the time, this is due to being stuck behind a desk all day. Fiona used a combination of osteopathy & acupuncture, I felt a huge improvement after the first session, and continue to go to as the sessions help me immensely. she also gave me some great advice on posture & some stretches to help. Fiona is very knowledgeable, warm & friendly & gets to the root of the problem very quickly and makes you feel very much at ease. If you suffer from any back or neck pain book an appointment you definitely wont be disappointed
Feb 19th, 2020
Fiona is an exceptional bodyworker - through a combination of osteopathy and acupuncture she successfully 'fixed' our 21 year-old's back problems, which had been an issue for many years. The improvement after the first appointment was amazing, and after four appointments he feels better than he has his entire life. Her understanding of the body is superb.
Mandy -
Dec 1st, 2019
I have suffered lower back pain and hip pain for several months and had tried physio with limited success before I went to see Fiona. After only one session with Fiona I noticed an enormous difference; my pain and stiffness were greatly reduced and immediately I felt more flexible. Fiona takes the time to get to know you as an individual and for the first time - I felt someone had really got to the root of my back problem. As a result, I then understood how to help myself between osteopathy sessions and could feel the exercises Fiona gave me to do also made a difference. After a few osteopathic sessions I was glad to be back running again and did a PB 10K time! Fiona has a lovely relaxed manner which puts you at ease and and is extremely thorough and knowledgeable which inspires trust and confidence in her.
Celine Canning -
Nov 27th, 2019
I wite this review 3 weeks after the treatment and I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough.
I took an appointment with Fiona for my 4 week old son who was suffering from reflux.
I didn't want my baby to take medication if I could find gentle alternatives to ease his pain.
After one session, I already could see an amazing improvement. My son wasn't vomiting or crying as much.
After a second session, my son was a happier baby. Of course, reflux is a condition which improves as the baby grows, but Fiona managed to ease his pain and, as a mum, it was a relief.
The treatment was very gentle and adapted to babies, and you should not be worried about bringing your wee one along. Just make sure you have something to feed them as they will be hungry after sleeping during the treatment.
Helen -
Nov 18th, 2019
As a keen fell runner, avoiding injury is a priority. I started seeing Fiona in 2010 following a lower back injury. From the start, Fiona’s approach combining osteopathic treatment, with deep muscular massage, has been successful, and highlights the importance of treating both the skeletal and muscular structure of your body as one, to avoid injuries. Since recovering from my back injury in 2010, I have maintained regular treatment with Fiona, which has proved invaluable in helping ensure any muscular imbalances or joint inflexibilities from running, can be acted upon before they lead to injuries. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Fiona, and have done so to many friends who have also had successful treatment programmes with Fiona – she is an excellent, thorough and rigorous practitioner, who works with you, to ensure long-term recovery.
Katie -
Oct 27th, 2019
Problems with my left shoulder started during my textiles degree, and over time led to discomfort that began to interfere with my day-to-day life. Fiona really listened to the exact kind of pain I was experiencing, asking lots of questions and spending time investigating my range of movement before we started. The combination of massage, acupuncture and manipulation has been really successful for me and I'm confident that my sessions with her are continuing to improve this long standing problem.
Oi-san -
Oct 24th, 2019
Can't say enough about Fiona - Sound knowledge and experience and puts you at ease!
Jasmin -
Oct 15th, 2019
Fiona was recommended to me by a friend last autumn (2011) at a time when I was suffering from iliotibial band syndrome. Being a keen fell-runner, and used to being out in the hills on a daily basis, 6 weeks of doing nothing had resulted in me feeling both miserable and highly frustrated. Fiona was fantastic in all respects; a series of weekly treatments combined with home exercises had me running again within a month, and racing within two. Furthermore, her obvious interest and concern at a personal level were refreshing and comforting. I continued to visit Fiona for minor problems over the months that followed. When I tore my articular cartilage in a race this spring, Fiona went out of her way to arrange an orthopaedic referral for further evaluation, for which I am most grateful. With her help, I am running and racing in the hills again, and have been fortunate enough to win two British and English Championship fell races this year.
Jan -
Oct 14th, 2019
My work involves a lot of heavy lifting and carrying and as a result I have developed lots of tension and posture problems over the years. Fiona has been treating me since September 2011 and as a result I have not had a headache for months (was a daily event) and my posture has improved greatly. I still have a bit to go but have gone from weekly treatments to once a month and I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona, she is professional and friendly and I have passed her info onto patients when appropriate.
Patrick Murray -
Aug 23rd, 2019
Fiona has been fantastic in sorting out a constant neck/shoulder problem. On top of the treatment Fiona provides great advice and exercises that can be used to continue the rehabilitation. I would highly recommend Fiona as a top class Osteopath!
Stephen Low -
Aug 1st, 2019
I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough! I came to see Fiona with an awkward-to-reach pain in my shoulder, as well as a lot of discomfort in my lower back. Fiona listened to everything I was saying and over just a few sessions, got to the root of my problem and made the pain go away! If you’re looking for someone who knows what they’re doing, then you’ve come to the right place!
Janet -
Jul 15th, 2019
Last year I developed a very painful problem with one of my feet following some bruising. This got to the point where I could barely walk on it for months on end, and the GP I saw had no idea what was wrong. I limped in very slowly to see Fiona, and I walked out almost normally after one session where she worked on loosening up the tendons. After only a few more sessions and some work on my part, this was completely back to normal. It felt like a miracle cure after being unable to walk properly for so long.
I work on research into tendon injuries in animals. I can testify that these tissues are often more responsive to manipulation and/or proper exercises, than any drug or or more invasive measure. No-one has anything to lose by making a visit to an osteopath and doing that as soon as possible after injury, rather than leaving it as long as I did!. Fiona comes with my highest recommendation.
Marion -
Jun 18th, 2019
I started having osteopathy sessions with Fiona about seven months ago due to muscular and joint tension. This provided invaluable to me as being a classical singer I need to use the whole of my body and keep it as supple as possible. I highly recommend Fiona's technique to everyone.
Najette -
May 22nd, 2019
I was treated by Fiona in 2011 during my pregnancy and she was able to treat both my lower back pain and pelvic dysfunction during this time. I have suffered from back pain for a number of years but with the extra pressure on my body during pregnancy it was vital to be treated regularly. Fiona is very personable and she takes an interest in you which makes it easy to trust her. She also saw my son after he was born and I did not hesitate to take him to be treated with cranial osteopathy given the positive treatment I had received from her myself. I'm not sure if it is a coincidence but he started sleeping throughout the night after he went to the clinic.
I would not hesitate to recommend her and have done already to numerous people. Fiona is a fantastic practitioner who clearly takes pride in her job.
Gillian Hannay -
May 10th, 2019
I was suffering from neck pain for 4 weeks, after one session with Fiona, not only did the pain ease tremendously my overall outlook in life changed. Fiona got to the root of the issues I had been experiencing, something several doctors could not do. Best money I have spent and I thoroughly look forward to seeing her each week. Can't recommend enough!
Julie Hayes -
Mar 7th, 2019
Fiona has been treating pain in my lower back and hips. Even after my first visit, the pain was significantly reduced. She gave excellent advice on exercises and posture and after 2 further visits the pain is all but gone. I plan to continue with maintenance visits to keep pain at bay. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fiona to anyone suffering similar pain.
Francesca -
Feb 24th, 2019
I went to Fiona after a friend recommended her and it was the best advice, my situation was already getting better after the first session. She is extremely competent and gives a lot of good suggestions for equipment and exercises to improve the muscles strength and posture. The treatment she gives me at her studio is very effective and it's helping a lot. Fiona is also lovely and mindful. I highly recommend her!
Jim crozier -
Feb 15th, 2019
I have visited Fiona a few times with various issues which were assessed, treated and most importantly resolved. She is very professional yet has created a relaxed, calming environment in which one can be treated. Recently my wife and I took our 5 week old baby to Fiona for a couple of sessions as he was suffering from reflux, colicy trapped wind and was generally unsettled. With no improvement from the run of the mill over the counter remedies suggested by the G.P. Or health visitor, Fiona’s approach and treatment really helped. Within a day our wee baby was more relaxed, winding well and generally a lot more settled. A follow up a couple of weeks later and he has been great ever since. Success! For those people looking for an answer to the screaming of a colicy, windy child or even if you feel a bit creaky from carrying around a child, humphing around a car seat or just generally in need of a tune up, i would suggest that you contact Fiona and see if you can benefit from a couple of treatments like we have.
Leeanne Boyd -
Jan 8th, 2019
I was attending doctors for 7 months with head/neck pain and was getting nowhere even after having a ct scan and many courses of antibiotics. First session with Fiona she figured out what was going on. My pain has improved so much, wish I had went to her sooner. Lovely person and really helpfull with lots of information and tips.
Arlene Allan -
Jan 8th, 2019
An absolute miracle worker. Whilst attending my monthly MOT for historical back problems (which I no longer have immobility from) I was moaning to Fiona about my pain with “face ache”! Within seconds she matter of factly told me what the problem was. Instead of working on my back she gave me a rather uncomfortable facial which has over the last few days taken all my pain away. I should explain that prior to this facial I had been to the dentist who couldn’t find anything wrong, couple of more weeks of pain took me to the doctor who prescribed an antidepressant for nerve pain. All in all I was about six weeks of constant pain only made bearable by continued use of painkillers. Since Fiona’s intervention I no longer need to take painkillers and pain is hardly noticeable. Booked in again for next week to continue recovery. This lady would get my vote in the “New Years Honours List”. An amazing and worthy talent she has for helping people. So glad to have her in my life.
Lilian Starrs -
Jan 3rd, 2019
I have consulted Fiona numerous times over the years with various problems- simply the BEST
Mimi -
Jan 3rd, 2019
Fiona has been treating my back and shoulder pain for over a year now. I suffered from severe back pain and headaches for many years from long hours of desk work. Fiona was able to provide relief very quickly through a few sessions. I continue to see Fiona now for wellbeing and maintenance programme. She is highly knowledgeable of different treatment methodology and a master of her profession, very quick to get to the nub of the problem. I always enjoy my visits to Fiona, feeling better than when I arrive and getting many advice and tips. The treatment room is spacious, clean and welcoming. All in all you will find a good value, highly professional, courteous and friendly service. Highly recommended.
Gillian Robertson -
Jan 3rd, 2019
Fiona has been an absolute find. She has a very reassuring manner and immediately puts your mind at rest. She is empathic and listens really well. I would whole heartedly recommend her and we now send our staff to her too.
Robbie -
Dec 4th, 2018
I went to Fiona with a very painful back which was not recoverring - I was exhausted from lack of sleep and frustrated with several weeks of inactivity. She was very friendly and professional. She diagnosed the problem, reassured there was nothing fundamentally wrong, and the issue was resolved with a couple of treatments and some good practical advice on home exercises. I am back now enjoying running excessive miles. I would highly recommend Fiona.
Hugo -
Dec 3rd, 2018
Delighted by Fiona's skills and good humour. I've been going there for a month now and my back tension are nearly gone, thanks to her !
Kathleen -
Sep 20th, 2018
I attended Fiona with right leg stiffness and pain. Fiona took the time to properly assess and then treat the problem with careful manipulation. After just one appointment there is less stiffness allowing me to do the set of exercises and stretches provided by Fiona without further aggravating the problem.
Paul -
Aug 14th, 2018
I have been a patient of Fiona for several years.

Fiona is a credit to her profession, kind, caring and enthusiastic about doing her best for her patients.

Having suffered many injuries Fiona's expertise helps rebuild me and Fiona is the best osteopath you could ever have.

Thank you Fiona

Charlie -
Jul 12th, 2018
I first visited Fiona in 2017 when I developed a sciatic problem. In addition I had residual stiffness in my neck from an old football injury. With Fiona's treatment and by continuing to use her complementary exercise routines, my mobility and flexibility has improved considerably. I also recently tweaked an achilles recently which she has helped through manipulation and acupuncture. As I get older, I think that regular clinics with Fiona will be essential - after all, think of what we do to keep our cars on the road!
Fiona has posted her exercise routines on YouTube. Only by watching them did I realise I was doing a couple of them wrongly so tune in to them. They won't replace the need for a clinic visit but they will certainly keep the body going longer and make some of those arduous daily tasks much easier.
Rachel -
Jun 26th, 2018
I went to Fiona at 21 weeks pregnant suffering lower and upper back pain. Fiona managed to relieve most of my pain within the first appointment and offered plenty useful tips / stretches to help keep the pain at bay. I've had two follows up since and feeling so much better for it.
Would be happy to recommend Fiona!
Linda -
Jun 26th, 2018
I had my first appointment with Fiona last week. She is very professional and easy to talk to about all different problems I had in the past with my back.
She really takes the time to listen and ''feel'' the most problematic areas. Right after the first appointment, I felt much better and I really appreciate that she took the time to explain some of my bad habit and how to correct them. Would highly recommend Fiona!!
Julie hayes -
Jun 4th, 2018
I have attended 3 appointments with Fiona for pain in my lower back and leg. The manipulation techniques she used and exercises she recommended have made a huge difference to my mobility. Even after just the first appointment I felt much better. I plan to go back every few weeks for maintenance sessions and will continue to do the exercises every day. I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough. She is fantastic.
Cristina Denk-Florea -
Jun 4th, 2018
I went to my first session with Fiona last week after suffering from nerve pain in the lower side of my back and in one of my legs. I found the session great and Fiona was very helpful, explaining to me my condition and massaging the area. Two days after the session my back is nearly back to normal. Fiona was also very helpful and gave me advice about exercises which I should do to keep the problem from coming back. I will go for another session with her this week. Overall the session was great and I. warmly recommend Fiona to everyone who has any problems with their back!
Graeme Bell -
Feb 9th, 2018
I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona She is totally professional and has made a massive difference to my flexibility and well being She has excellent interpersonal skills and puts you immediately at ease If you are looking for an osteopath, go to Fiona
Colin Waterson -
Feb 9th, 2018
After two treatments my tinnitus was greatly finished, after four it was gone completely and hasn’t returned. I also gained freedom in my neck and shoulders that I’d fogotten was possible. After working as a contemporary dancer for 15 years and being treated for injury all over the world, by various fabulous practitioners in many different disciplines, I can honestly say that Fiona is the most effective I’ve ever come across.
Maggie MacKinnon -
Feb 9th, 2018
From the very first appointment, I knew I had made the right choice. I had relief from shoulder pain which I had not had for years. Fiona has really helped to alleviate my pain and my shoulder is much more functional now. I do not need to see her now as often but know I can get an appointment quickly when I feel I need it. The 30 minute treatment sessions are completely hands on and I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone and have referred many colleagues and friends her direction who would also rate her.
Ian - Charity Worker and Landscape Photographer -
Apr 30th, 2017
My lower back has been painful for many years. Flexibility and mobility has reduced and impacted on both work and leisure time. I visited Fiona to help me continue to be as active as possible, (allowing me to continue my gardening, DIY and landscape photography) increase my flexibility, and to reduce pain in my lower back. After several visits my back is improving, pain reduced and I'm more able than before to continue with my chosen activities. If you are in pain, have back or muscle problems and enjoy talking about your favourite holiday book while having while joint articulation and manipulation are applied therapeutically then get along to Fiona as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Fiona's professional approach.
Shona -
Jun 15th, 2016
I started seeing Fiona about 2 years ago due to back and shoulder problems from stress. Fiona is brilliant - I literally come out my appointment like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. She is personable and professional and is a credit to her profession. To any one who is scrolling through websites looking for an Osteopath, I would highly recommend Fiona.

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