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I use Pocketcasts for all my podcasts but there are plenty of other apps which you can use.  These are some of my favourite health orientated podcasts which you may find informative and useful (click on the blue text links):


Insight Timer - largest library of guided meditations online and also a great selection of relaxing music all for free! 


Move your DNA (Katy Bowman) - Biomechanics, natural movement and alignment discussion, advice & exercises


Broken Brain - 'Heal your body, heal your brain' : Interviews with a wide variety of specialists from a number of different healthcare professions 




Nutritious Movement (Katy Bowman) - Biomechanics, natural movement and alignment discussion, advice & exercises.   The Alignment Matters and Move your DNA books (below) are fantastic books written by Katy Bowman...worth a read.



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